Questions to Ask Your Plumber

When you start looking for a plumber in London to call, you’ll find out quickly that there are many good choices out there. This can make finding the right plumber a stressful task.

To keep things on the simple side, focus on asking some key questions that can help ensure you’re choosing a great plumber that’s right for you. Here are some of the top questions you should ask any plumber you’re interested in using.

Are You Qualified?

The first question you should ask a plumber is whether they’re qualified to do the type of work you need. This is especially important if you need some type of gas work done like London boiler replacement or a CP12/gas safety check. All qualified gas engineers in the UK should be on the Gas Safe Registry.

The plumber you choose should be fully qualified and accredited by industry-specific governing bodies. A reputable plumbing company will gladly showcase its qualifications on its website so be sure to check!

Is Your Firm Insured?

On top of the necessary qualifications, plumbing companies should be covered by liability insurance. This is important because the insurance will provide you with protection if something were to go wrong. The last thing you want is to face having to pay more money for a plumbing job just because your plumber didn’t have sufficient insurance. Look for a plumber that carries full public liability insurance that puts you in good hands.

Do You Provide No-Obligation Quotes?

To make sure you don’t get surprised by hidden costs, ask the plumber if they offer no-obligation quotes. You shouldn’t have to pay a fee just to be provided with a price quote. A top-notch London plumber will visit your home and carry out a comprehensive survey to establish the extent of the work you need as well as a cost quote.

How Do You Calculate Your Prices?

In order to easily compare quotes from different plumbers in London, you need to understand how a company calculates its prices. Even though cost is always a priority when sorting through plumbers, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor because the cheapest estimate may come with substandard workmanship.

Be sure each plumber you contact gives you a fixed quote and not a ‘guesstimate’. In other words, the quote you are given should be the amount you’ll have to pay, even if the plumber discovers additional work to do.

What are Your Payment Requirements?

To ensure you’re not put in an uncomfortable financial situation, as when your payment is expected. It’s just as important to find out if you have to put down a deposit. If a deposit is required, find out how much of the total you have to pay upfront.

All plumbing companies have their own unique payment policies. Take a look at the financial section of each plumbing website you’re interested in and read the fine print. The best London plumbers don’t require any money until the job is done. For your peace of mind, choose a plumber that guarantees your satisfaction before any payment is due.